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Alla scoperta della cultura romana del cibo e del vino

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The Thermopolium Project
Roman culture of food and wine

Ancient roman cuisine: food and recipes.

Thermopolium is one ofe the projects created and developed by the cultural association è Mos Maiorvm within its activity of experimental archaelogy and historical recontruction of the ancient Rome and pre-roman Italy.

The thermopolium - also known as popina - is the same of our taverrns, where warm ready food was served, stored into big terracotta jars embedded in the shop's counter; this food was consumed mainly by passers-by and that's why a thermopolium is refered to by many as the the fast food shop of antiquity!.

Our poropuse is to make again those recepies and ridiscover the ancient flavours which coloured our ancestors' everyday-life.

Theropolium project and Culrural Association 'Mos Maiorvm' are totally non-profit making bodies which only pourpose is spreading culture and fun!

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